Sunday, June 9, 2013

He Who Is Without Sin

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

This verse from John 8 has been preached on, read and even sung (Rebecca St. James) in my presence many times. Often, I have heard it preached in such a way as to solidify me in the place as one of those that is not without sin. It would be referenced in a lesson that was to defend the cause to not judge one another.

Today I heard this verse and for the first time I realized that 'He who is without sin" was present in that scenario! Jesus not only was sending away those who could not pass judgment, but was showing himself as safe, one who knows our sin problem and would not leave us. "He knows our sin, to our weakness is no strange"

How safe to know that God, as though we are constantly being brought before Him with our sinful transgressions against us, not only sends away our Accuser but says to us, "Neither do I condemn you". If there is anyone who is without sin, has the ability to judge, it would be Him, yet for those covered by His Blood we hear him say, 'I know what you've done and I see the sin that you are struggling with, yet I do not condemn you'.
Go and sin no more
He said "I will not condemn you,
I'll forgive and I'll forget it all
Go and sin no more
My child, let me remind you it
is I who'll lead and guide you as you go"
~ Rebecca St. James

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